Montac Plyboard India Pvt. Ltd.

Montac Flush Doors

We understand that Doors are the most essential portions of the home/building after the shelter and window. It affords protection and privacy to the resident of the house. The door comes in the variety of style, design, and patterns. 
Montac Flush Doors comprehensive range of adapted performance flush doors and doorsets provides construction industry specialists with a substantial foundation to fulfill the most challenging requirements. While you can choose from a variety of Montac Products accessible in the market i.e. flush door, Montac Natural Teak Doors door, Laminated doors, etc. Amongst, the flush door is one of the most popular doors used in the house.
Montac flush door has become very prevalent and blooming door in the making of a house.  It has definite surfaces on both sides of the frame. We create these flush doors with elements that drive them to deliver long-lasting time. Hence it is made of a skeleton or a vibrant framework of railings and stiles, top and bottom rails, and linear medium rails. It is included with a sheet of plywood on each side. This door has a joint-less surface on both the sides. The shape constancy of this door depends to an amplitude on the fixing on the flush or moulded facing to the core. The lighter and thinner the core the more facing are used to provide stability. The Thickness of these Flush Door shutter varies on the nature of the doors i.e anywhere between 25mm to 40mm, as per the requirement
Montac Flush door gives you a delightful appearance, endurance, and when it comes to price they are almost inexpensive when compared to its performance.