Montac Plyboard India Pvt. Ltd.

Montac Teak Doors

Montac Natural teak Doors give a challenging durability, weathers well, and is especially resistant to termites and splitting. Irrespective of its shape or style you may choose for your custom teak wood doors, you’re sure to enjoy our works for ages to come.
 Montac Natural Teak wood doors are attractive: Indoor teak conventional doors will retain the rich golden appearance of the freshly harvested teak wood. Teak exterior custom entryways will take on a bright, silver-golden blend. Preserved wooden doors with teak oil for an extra-rich finish.
Montac values conservation and green engineering. Therefore, we only do trade with teak importers who use green harvesting methods.
┬áMontac Natural Teak wood is a top choice for exterior doors located in termite- or rough-weather-prone areas. Teak’s natural durability and density and its high level of workability indicate that a variety of long-lasting custom entryway styles and sizes are entirely possible.