Montac Plyboard India Pvt. Ltd.


Montac WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) Boards give a delightful look to the ecosystems where they are utilized, there is a prominent interest to understand the analysis following their appealing look!
Montac supplies you not just the best form of WPC boards which are made by enticing products, namely grills, deco-panels, 3D decorative panels, solid doors, door frames, etc. but also They bring versatility in design adoption into a room. Montac brings to you a great number of opportunities to give your home and office the engaging styling that you thought! The applications of boards are many, including kitchen shutters, bathroom vanities, office modular furniture, shoe racks and you name it, you get it made creatively. Grills in beautiful patterns and designs just win the hearts, so do the deco-panels, 3D decorative panels, and doors/door frames.  These effortless products can be installed in the interiors and exteriors of the homes, uplifting the style and presentation in a well-curated manner!
Montac WPC boards have a high density which makes them powerful. 
There is no use of toxic elements in the WPC Boards, and consequently, there is no affect on one’s health due to these products. That signifies the reason why they are also user-friendly!
Montac WPC boards compose of 70% virgin polymer, 15% wood powder and rest 15% additives. There is no use of wood in these products, hence being an exceptional step towards following the sustainable improvement goals.