Montac Plyboard India Pvt. Ltd.

Montac Laminated doors

Montac Laminated doors are the perfect blends of laminated panels that are results of the bonding of several thin layers of paper, filled with resins. The quality of the material depends essentially on the substances used for its consummation. Assuredly,  we have developed the laminate which evolved in achieving high levels of resistance and surprising aesthetic results. Our laminated doors endurance is proved over time, thanks to outlandish expedients and endorsed anti-scratch finish. In our collections, we use diverse types of laminate panels to create many different appreciative results.
Montac laminate door is contrasted by design, edifice and external glaze. 
The structure of a laminate door is formed of blockboard or honeycomb wood, therefore complex technologies. Blockboard wood in wooden strips glued perpendicular to each other to maintain stability over time. Hollow wood: a sandwich structure with the lightened interior. The synchronous laminate is a thin sheet of scratch-resistant synthetic material that represents the design, the grain, the color and the pore of the wood. It is an easily polished and wear-resistant material.